Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Join me on My Journey

I do apologise for the lack of blog updates especially for those that do not have Facebook, as I have been making regular updates on my ‘athlete page’ over on Facebook - (

Cam & I
Anywho here we go, so most recently we had our National Championships held at the new Avantidrome in Cambridge. I made the move up here 6 weeks before ‘go time’ after spending an amazing three years in Invercargill, which I can now call home! The number of people I met for such a small city was such an eye opener to how humble and generous the people are down there! Even though it was shitty weather most of the time, you could actually appreciate the nice days, but you fill up with frustration when those days are on your rest days – well that’s what the enduro’s say, but I was lucky enough to have witnessed it! My 678 tweed brother Cam Karwowski I swear every rest day you could imagine was the best day to go for a 5 hour ride with no music, its sunny, no wind, not too hold and not too cold just perfect! But these days were spent on the never ending massey uni catch up dates!

So, I moved in with a lovely family, the Harper’s. Which are located 2kms from the Avantidrome and 5kms from town – sweet deal huh! They adore horses, which I am allergic too but that’s OK also along with 1 dog (one eyed) Abbie, 2 cats Muffy and Rosie and of course I am allergic to all these fun friendly animals!
New backward to play in :)
I have my own sleep-out which is perfect so no one can see my mess, but also have access to the family house so I don’t feel so left out! Cambridge is an amazing town! I keep thinking of it like Invercargill and Auckland put together, small enough, busier enough, central and last but not least again such amazing people! An advantage of being so close to my other home Auckland I was very fortunate enough to surprise my school friend at her 21st, seeing her when I arrive made me so happy! Also seeing all my other school girl friends a few nights before nationals kept me positive; remember to always have a good balance in life!

I am absolutely loving it here – please do not be shy and some visit, just like some Royals that are coming next week, what’s up with that? It must be a nice place after all!

Cyclists vs Rowers Paintball round 1 - note rowers in shorts! Cyclists 1 up
Family BBQs here in Cambridge with Harold

Some may already my results from the Elite National Track Championships but here is the brief info and also some other results dating back to November – terrible I know I am so sorry!

March 13th - 16th, Avantidrome Cambridge. Elite Track Cycling National Championships
  • 1st Keirin
  • 1st Sprints
  • 1st Standing 250m
  • 1st Team Sprint
  • 2nd 500m Time Trial

December 6th - 8th, SIT Velodrome Invercargill. Southland Track Championships
  • 1st Keirin
  • 1st Sprints
  • 1st 500m Time Trial
November 19th - 22nd, SIT Velodrome Invercargill. Oceania Track Championships
  • 2nd Team Sprint
  • 4th Sprints
  • 4th 500m Time Trial
November 16th - 17th, SIT Velodrome Invercargill. UCI Festival of Speed

  • 2nd Keirin

Best podium smiles! Katie, Myself & Paige - Standing 250m
Hey there!

Natasha Hansen and I before defending our Team Sprint title :)

So what’s next for me?
I am hoping to be on the 2014 Commonwealth Games squad going to Glasgow at the end of July team will be announced over the next few weeks, but, firstly for me to have even been considered to be on the squad we were given certain target times to do at Nationals, some of my times were very, very, very close to the standards but not close enough. So, from here I have been given the support I need to show the selectors I have what it takes to be on the podium in Glasgow.

I believe in myself!

Do you believe in me? If you so, please show your support in any way possible, even something so small like "liking" my athlete page above and sharing i. I would love you to be on my support wagon! I appreciate any help I am given it really means a lot to myself and my family! 

Join me on my journey.....


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