Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keeping healthy with Blackmores!

I am very pleased and grateful to announce my recent partnership with Blackmores New Zealand.

Blackmores New Zealand provides information, advice and knowledge on natural health. Blackmores New Zealand are leaders in developing and marketing innovative products and services that deliver a more natural approach, based on their expertise in vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary supplements.  

Blackmores New Zealand products will help keep me healthy and stress free so I can train to the best of my abilities and not let a boring cold get me down! Keep healthy during the late winter blast with Blackmores New Zealand. Find the right healthcare product for you by checking out Blackmores online and order your next batch here

SO, here is how Blackmores came about:
Maurice Blackmore (1906 – 1977) was an English immigrant who had ideas about health way ahead of time. He would be truly proud that Blackmores today is Australia’s most trusted name in natural healthcare.
Maurice Blackmore was responsible for starting Australia’s first health food store in Brisbane in 1938 and he worked with colleagues and friends to establish the first naturopathic colleges in the country. His beliefs are still valid today and his teachings are incorporated in the training programs of many natural   health practitioners’.
Marcus Blackmore, Maurice’s son, followed closely in his father’s footsteps studying naturopathy and dedicating him-self to the business. With an innovative mindset and as a respected and a passionate industry leader, Marcus has not only grown the company, but helped to make natural healthcare and important part of many people’s lives.
Today, as Blackmores Chairman, Marcus oversees a management team committed to the company’s founding policies. As the company continues its expansion locally and into international markets, Blackmore’s passion for natural health care, quality products and commitment to sustainability will continue to touch more and more people’s lives empowering them to take more control on their health and well being. 

Talking tactics with Olivia Podmore, Ione Johnson and Madi Farrant.
I'll also take this opportunity to give you a wee update on what I have been doing and what's next for me!

Just last week I volunteered alongside with Racquel Sheath and helped out with the female Junior track development camp. It's great to see so many young riders coming through and wanting to give track a go! I took the riders through a few basic skills that can be used both as a sprinter and also an endurance rider. By the end of the 4th day the riders were all confident on their bikes and could ride in a close bunch and also ride around the top of the banking, even though it was a short camp they all gained some skills and also was a great opportunity to get back on the boards before Nationals! Personally I has lots of fun and no one fell off, well there were a few near misses, so I thought that was a great success!

Next on the cards for me is Oceania's which will be held in Adelaide, Australia from November 28th - December 2nd! I am heading over there as part of the Southland team, which I am really looking forward to having such an awesome support crew over there with me! :)

That's all from me for now,
Thanks for taking the time out and reading through!


Steph :) xx

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