Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trinidad and Tobago - 3 day Festival

Hey there!

You're probably thinking Trinidad and Tobago, where is that?! I thought the exact same thing, Trinidad and Tobago is an island country found in the southern Caribbean lying just off the coast of north-eastern Venezuela and the south of Grenada. Yes, the Caribbean! I am heading off to the Caribbean along with team mates Katie Schofield and Natasha Hansen next week (12th) to attend the Njisane 3 Day Cycling Festival along with other international cyclists from France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, USA, Venezuela and more. In addition, there will be live performances from locally renowned artistes and rhythm sections - I so cannot wait! 

We will be racing on the 19th April at the Arima Velodrome and Skinner Park in San Fernando on the 20th and 21st April, both are outdoor concrete tracks. The main idea of this trip is to gain more racing experience. I also would like to embrace their culture and see what Trinidad and Tobago is all about as this is a place I have never been too.

THE SPORT Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SPORTT) has invested a massive $1 Million dollars into the "Njisane 3 Day Cycling Festival". The idea of this event is to try enhance and further develop Trinidad and Tobago's sport tourism and their also their culture.

Will let you know how things go and keep you updated :)

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