Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bonjour! Après une.

Paige and I outside the UCI Track.
ooooook, have decided to start this up just to make things a lot easier so everyone can keep up to date with my progress whilst going places. So, here I am making this first post in Aigle at the 'Mon Sejour' here is where top cyclists around the world stay, here we are building up to the Junior Worlds in Moscow (17-20th August). Aigle is the home of the UCI, International Cycling Union, where the athletes train. After going through 7ish airports and flying for numerous hours and a wee train trip from Geneva to Aigle we finally arrived late last night where we were shown to our rooms and settled in. They are small rooms which I share with Paige my fellow team sprint buddy, they have bunk beds in each room and we use communal showers and bathrooms.

'Accommodation' - Mon Sejour
After a early wake up call for breakfast 0700-0800 no later or no breakfast for you we headed off to make our bikes and all that jazz...we headed off to the track for a wee visit. The UCI track is pretty amazing, although they built the track to be only 200m which is a bit different to the usual 250m track. Paige and I had a gym session to kick off our first day of training and then we headed off on a wee road ride alongside some river which was pretty cool, was definitely better than being on the road knowing us we would have got ourselves killed.

Well I suppose that’s all for now hope you liked it, will catch you later.

Revoir :)

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