Monday, August 1, 2011

Onwards and upwards to Moscow.

The boys at the top of a climb. 
Bonjour! We have finished our 2nd day of training and the sensations throughout the team so far are très bonne! We have all experienced being on the track; have got to say that it is rather fast and mentally demanding because of its length. We have been for quite a few walks around the little village, their coffee goes pretty good, which makes life so much happier...nothing worse than a bad coffee! The hills that surround Aigle are amazing! Can’t say I will be climbing them anytime soon in my life, I’m thinking staying on the flat roads for now...but the endurance boys were lucky enough to have Dream take them up an 8ishkm climb which would have been lovely, if only.
Enjoying the weather!

Flying from Invercargill where it was snowing only 2 days before I left and coming to Aigle the weather here is a real treat, so I am trying to make the most of it and hope the weather sticks around. We ride from the Mon Sejour to and from the track for training and we also have had our main meals except breakfast there for the past few days.

Out and about.
Training has been so far so good, was behind le moto/scooter today driven or riden by the wonderful sprint coach John Rastrick...AKA JR. That was also his training for the day after going for a run this morning...yes I did say a run, yes sprinters are able to do that! As a tradition, all coaches and staff members that are on the campaign have to do a Kilo. So this year JR and Chris - our mechanic will be in fine form because they will be lead by myself and Paige...will definitely let everyone know how our fine athletes do!

The BNZ team. 'Save the Kiwi'.
I just would like to say congratulations to the cooperate pursuit team that I was helping out alongside Peter Grandeik, the BNZ team. They did a wicked time trial and I think we were all stoked that we made the Div 1 category showing a massive improvement from last year, but unfortunately I was unable to attend the fun fulfilled final night! I hope everything went well and you guys had a blast and congratulations to the other team involved and of course the winners, Div1 - Police 1 and for Div 2 – YMCA.


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