Friday, May 18, 2012

Casual update

Well hello there,

This would have to be procrastination at it's best, as it's been awhile since I have last updated my wee blog and I have assignments to do! But it has to be done right?
Since we are in May now and I haven't given you an update since November! There are only a few things that have happened in this space of time so it will be kept brief :)

Over the summer I was in Christchurch and I was able to attend the Carnival that was held early this year. It was a good few nights of racing..hard but fun! It was also the first time I been on the Denton track and also experienced a big earthquake so all in all it was a pretty exciting time spent in Christchurch. I must admit that the Denton track is one of a kind! I could say that my road rides were completed....on the track!
One of many long you can see I'm at the back!

Nationals were held in February, this was my first Elite Nationals so it wasn't going to be easy.
But I did come away with a Gold, Silver, Bronze and a 4th - I thought that having every top 5 placing was a good variety and I was pretty happy with my results.

Tarsh and I sprinting in the final.

500m Time Trial

Team Sprint with Tarsh and coach Stu.

Keirin. Hansen 1st, Steel 2nd, Mitchell rd, Me 4th.
Graham Sycamore and I.
Later that month the Age Group nationals were held, here I was awarded the 2011 Junior Track Cyclist of the year. This was awarded to me by Graham Sycamore and was for my achievements at the 2011 Junior Worlds.

Me, Katie, Natasha and Stu.

I am now part of the New Zealand Women's sprint squad along with Katie Schofield (Dunedin), Natasha Hansen (Christchurch), myself originally from Auckland and last but not least our Walsh coach Stuart McDonald.  We are now all based here in Invercargill training together in a full-time camp environment before we head overseas early next month. I have been lucky enough to come on board and be involved with the final preparations that will be based over seas for the athletes that are heading to the London Olympics!

So, on that note I am pretty excited to head over seas to gain experience both on and off the bike and also experience living with the team! Exciting times ahead.
Olympic add...Kate and I
At the end of March Kate Dunlevey and I were involved in an add promotion for the Olympics. It was long day in a sexy retro skin-suit that had no Chamois......but lucky enough we were able to wear a chamois underneath but we were in it for 12hours straight! It was all worth it, it was a great experience and we both meet some awesome people behind the production!

If you haven't see the add on TV yet or if you have and you didn't recognize us!? Watch it  and just listen to the guys voice below or you can hit it up on you tube thanks to Cycling Southland! I hope you like it, leave a comment on your thoughts about it :)

Catch you on the flip side :)


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