Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi there,
Heavy frost - day of departure
Snow - Drive to Alexandra!
Firstly we have all safely arrived in Wales, after Natasha and John (JR) were stuck in Christchurch as they experienced an early snow fall which closed down the Christchurch airport so they met us the next day...not to mention the snow fall in and around Alexandra during May and also the heavy frost the morning I left Invercargill, so I’m not going to lie I’m pretty happy to be in ever so slightly warmer weather here. It’s meant to be summer but I don’t think Wales experience summer as well as other countries...quite similar to Invercargill .....
Governors House
But before we departed BikeNZ held a camp over the Queen’s birthday weekend for the sprinters that are off to Junior Worlds and also a few other up and coming sprinters both U17 and U19 had the privilege to be invited to the camp. They were an awesome bunch of people and I was delighted to be involved with it, even I learnt lots that weekend! Thanks to the coaches and the helpers that gave up their time and helped us all out and congrats to the Queen’s birthday Weekend champion – Jeremy Presbury, there was some great sprinting that’s for sure...can’t wait to see them in action later this year if you haven’t got your tickets yet, I suggest you should get some by visiting  this website
Diabetic alert dog :)
Governors House
On a different note at the end of May I was asked to speak at the 50th Annual Diabetes Conference in Wellington alongside another very talented Diabetic Morgan Curry. It was only for a couple of days but I was able to met lots of people and I hope everyone that was there listening to me actually got something out of it! Whilst I was up in Wellington we were also invited to the Governors House as part of the AGM and conference. I was very privileged to have met the Governor but I don’t think he was so excited to met me as I could imagine he would have met hundreds if not more people that day before he me! But still it was pretty awesome to have seen the house, wish I lived in a house like that!

Governors House
The Governor and I
So for now we are knocking up the track and the gym in Newport, Wales. We had our first day on the track today to get use to it and also to smash out some starts alongside the GB Junior Development endurance squad which was pretty cool! We will then be moving onto Valencia, Spain in 6 days here we will be meeting up with the male sprinters!
Bridge to Newport!

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