Saturday, August 13, 2011


So, we finally arrived in Moscow a few days ago after a 3 hour flight, which turned into a whole days worth of travelling, after waking up at 0430 in Aigle to catch the 0502 train to Geneva Airport. Once we finally landed after circulating a number of times we loaded up the truck with our bike boxes and jumped onto the bus and as we were leaving the airport boom there’s already a car crash. The wee bus trip was meant to be a 1-2 hour bus trip, turned into a 3 hour bus trip stuck in the Russian traffic.

Traffic we were about to join.

We got to our accommodation at 1730 and settled down for a wee bit then walked down to the track where we will be having dinner most nights. Everyone was starving as we hadn't had much to eat since breakfast! So we were all eager to get some food in, we arrived a wee bit late to dinner and were interested in what they were serving us. Turned out that there was some liver and offal with an interesting sauce that some of the others manage to find out for us, not the best tastes in the world!
Accommodation from the outside.
Massive banking
The man cleaning the track!
The next morning we were to have breakfast at the track again so we weren't too excited about what was going to be there, again there wasn't a lot there we were given the option of stale bread,hard boiled egg, some doughnuts and there was one bowl of cereal which the others shared between 3. But Steve our manager and also Ant our Physio have been able to find a few supermarkets close by to get supplies for our breakfast and lunch. After breakfast...if you can call it that it was time to build our bikes and get back into it. The track is huuuuge! But the sensations you get from rolling off the top of the banking are awesome, you gain sooo much speed from it, it's amazing. today we will have our first proper training session on the track so can't wait, pretty keen to get these next few days out of the way and get racing... Racing starts on the 17th August and Paige and I's first event is the Team Sprint! Last year Hettie and I got 2nd in this event so lets hope that we go one step further :)


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