Thursday, August 4, 2011


Lake Geneva from Montreux

A new day and another update. Yesterday we had our first day off the track so for the day we were given some options on where we could adventure off too. One of the options were to take a train to a small village called Leysin which was based upon a hill and views would have been magnificent but unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best, so I chose to hop onto a train towards Montreux. This lies on the north east shore of Lake Geneva at the fork in the Roman road from Italy over theSimplon Pass, where the roads to the Roman capital of Aventicum and the road into Gaul through Besançon separated

A few options of Swiss Army Knifes. 
Looks yummy!
Cigar anyone? There were many more
behind me was rather overwhelming 
 After all the excitement in Montreoux it was time to get back on a train which left roughly every 30mins to head back to Aigle, a group of us hopped on the train back to Aigle as the train started to move it was going the right direction towards Aigle so we knew we were on the right train. But when the train stopped outside a train station and no one was getting on the train or off we did wonder if we had got on the correct train, found out that we hadn't and were at the end of one of the tracks. We had to wait on the train for 20mins to head back to Montreoux whilst waiting, the train that we were meant to be on flew past us, in the end we made it back in time for the next train to Aigle. Once we got back to the Mon Sejour we had plenty of time to chill out before our recovery road ride.
Chris did do a good job. He's in fine form!
As we settled into the night the boys decided they needed to get a wee haircut from our mechanic, Chris which he is also one of Paige and I's athletes for the kilo. Chris never stops; he clocks up numerous hours to get our bikes in their best shape and form for when we need them now he is also willing to make our boys look the best off the bike too. We thought that the guys should all go for the David Beckham/Chris O'Conner look as you see above the end result is spot on, others in the team may not have had the same haircut but we all get the gist of it. We can all agree that it's better looking than having them get their hair dyed! 

Thank you for taking your time and reading through the wee adventures and you enjoyed it. Hope all is well :) 

Au Revior!

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